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Build a Custom Addition for your Home

Thinking of enhancing your home? Get the extra space your family needs.

The answer may be additional living space, or maybe a renovation like reassigning an old space to your new needs. You may want to your attic into a bedroom, a playroom or a meditation room. A master bedroom could look great in that space over the garage. You may want to finally turn your unfinished basement into the dream family room or TV/entertainment room.

For a growing family, it’s natural to need more home space to live comfortably, but the ups and downs of the real estate market don’t always allow us to upgrade when the time is right. However it doesn’t take much to improve on an existing property.

Our consultation and free estimate process.

  1. We can start with a list of what is needed and wanted from the project.
  2. We develop some rough preliminary drawings.
  3. We then convert this info into a ballpark estimate to compare with the target budget.

Additions you may want to consider to improve your home:

Rooms and Sun Rooms Additions
Adding a new room onto your house in Connecticut or remodeling and renovating an old room to add some extra space are great ways to expand your house. A new game room or a sun room or a Garage are all exciting ideas for your home addition. Your new addition will increase the value of your CT home and give you and your family a more home to enjoy.

Porch Addition - A New Porch
We have the expertise to build custom decks or porches that connect your home and to your backyards or front yards and bring together your indoor with your outdoor living.

Adding A Garage
You may be looking to expand your garage or you want to add a whole new garage to your property. We do everything from one car garage to garages that house more cars, or may include a workshop, storage and more.

Bathrooms and Kitchens
Adding a bigger newer or second kitchen or a new Bathroom to your home not only increases the beauty of your home it also greatly increases resell value. If you decide to sell your home, an extra bath, an updated kitchen or an extra bedroom can be the difference between selling your property or not.

Custom Basement Additions and Refinishing
Basements additions and refinishing add a whole extra floor to your house. We have the experience to build custom finished basements that are free of water damage, dampness, wiring or plumbing. When we build new basements or when we do basement refinishing, we do it right.

Our construction process

We at Copper Beech Remodeling understand that a quality home addition can only be done with a carefully thought out plan. Whether you have already sketched your vision on the project or you may need a professional assistance of an architect, we will make sure to have all necessary resources available for you.

The cost to hire an architect my increase the cost of your addition but it usually is well worth the extra investment to have your project designed professionally. A lot of the details that are laid out by an architect prior to starting a home addition project will aid the accuracy and speed of the project. This means less work for the construction team and savings for you.

As soon as the final blue print is available, we can schedule to start date for your home addition construction project. We have a few key points that we like to explore when building: cost control, maintenance in the long-run and energy efficiency.

Cost Control
We run our projects very efficiently and know how to schedule jobs between our team, the subs or specialty services in order to minimize downtime. We advise for the best choice of materials for your project and are mindful of the balance of cost vs quality. We have many years of expertise in home construction and know that deciding on which building products to use greatly affects the final outcome of the project.

We like to incorporate cutting-edge product lines or technologies that are tested and reliable, so we always keep up to date with the latest news in the field.

Maintenance in the long-run
The choice or materials and building strategy greatly affects the home addition maintenance requirements in the long run. Modern building products have enabled home owners to spend less time working and more time actually enjoying the house. There is an endless list of building products we highly recommend for your next home addition project:

  • Vinyl or aluminum clad windows.
  • 50 year architectural shingles.
  • Water tight basements.
  • Composite decking, railings and lattice.
  • Vinyl siding or permanent paint.
  • Lead or copper flashing on your roof.
  • Ice and Water Shield under your roof and around window openings.
  • Gutter Shields.
  • Aluminum wrapping around soffits and eaves.

Energy Efficiency
While building your home addition, we need to consider methods to reduce the energy costs and save you money. We employ best practices that make most sense while building.

  • We recommend building your addition with a 2x6 wall thickness instead 2 x 4 walls, which allows for extra room for more insulation, which will in turn increase a home’s resell value.
  • Use tested and approved windows and doors brands. When buying windows it makes sense to pay a little extra for an air-tight product that performs very well when most needed.
  • Your inside temperature is equally important. Today’s gas heating units can be as energy efficient as 98%.

The construction of home additions o renovations in Connecticut is a task best suited for an experienced, local contractor. Copper Beech Remodeling has the necessary experience working from a design-build standpoint and can carry out your project from start to finish.

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