Basement Finishing

Our aim is to create warm, welcoming living spaces in your home, even in the basement. Our basement renovations services cover everything from basic finishing and touch-up jobs, to complete basement renovations that require custom doors, cabinets, furniture, or storage solutions.

Basement Renovation

We take basement renovations seriously, our ultimate aim being to restore and replicate as best as we can the amazing carpentry work and joinery made by the most skilled craftsmen of the last centuries.

Basement Remodeling: The Right Way

Our customers approach our basement renovation experts at Copper Beech Remodeling with two main needs: finishing or remodeling of their basement. The difference is that when a basement is finished, an empty area is transformed into a beautiful and usable living space for your family. The project starts with planning the construction of the area, designing the rooms, and finally, reviewing the finishing options. Customers choose for themselves how to decorate and beautify their new living space, or opt to expand their existing basement in order to make room for a growing family. 

Don't Build a Moldy Basement

In most cases the owners decide that they want to remodel their basement only when it’s far too late, the environment being changed so drastic that they can’t bare to live with it. Thanks to most common low quality basement finishing materials on the market today, like mold-resistant drywall, carpeting and wood, moisture will not set in to damages the finished area.

By not using basement finishing materials that are resistant to moisture, you grow the cost of repairing or replacing something that should last. Finishing materials, like traditional drywall, wood studs, organic materials or carpet on concrete are simply not suitable for this kind of project and you’re really just creating a future home remodeling project for yourself, since they’ll need to be repaired or replaced very often.

Basements finished with products that contain organic materials are more susceptible to mold, rot, mildew, or harboring dust mites. Organic products decay with time, releasing musty odors and mold in the air, infesting your whole basement and making it an inhabitable area. It doesn’t stop there! The odors could potentially spread through your entire home, depositing allergens and creating discomfort for your family. Most homeowners eventually get fed up with this, and decide to remove and replace the decaying materials.

Do it once with Copper Beech Remodeling

If you’re looking to finish your basement, our advice is not to turn it into a potentially expensive basement remodeling or renovation project in the near future. Your best option is to find quality materials, preferably non-organic, from basement renovation and remodeling experts. Most of the times, these mold-resistant materials have a warranty. By using t hese type of materials you can rest assured that you’ll have a professionally remodeled basement with a warranty guaranteed to look beautiful and last for a long time.

Put Your Basement to Its Best and Highest Use

Unfinished basements are a waste of valuable living space in your household. The same goes for damp, moldy, dark and unkept basements. With our help here at Copper Beech Remodeling, you can change that, and turn that uninviting basement into a welcoming, warm and comfy living space that can be used for whatever you need, and best of all, at a reasonable price.

We have remodeled home basements all over Connecticut, and offer our customers a usable household space.  Our experience allows us to create beautiful basement designs for any kind of uses, including:

  • Extra bedrooms
  • Home gyms
  • Entertainment centers/video rooms
  • Hobby space
  • Home offices
  • In-law apartments (with built-in kitchenettes and bathrooms)
  • Playrooms for children
  • Workshops
  • Combination rooms

Copper Beech Remodeling can offer you high quality design services as well as the best in construction work and installation in Connecticut. 

Most advertised low cost basement Remodeling or conversion jobs promoted by some companies use a quick fix wall system, which offers nothing more than a simple cosmetic solution for your basement, usually ignoring important signs such as structural strength in the long run, compatible finishes for floors and ceilings or the potential of moisture and mold setting in. Additional low quality features include shady, low grade plumbing work, HVAC and lighting installation. We at Copper Beech Construction include these as functional systems in the initial basement Remodeling design, so that our customers receive a complete and functional basement.

Each of our Copper Beech Remodeling services, including basement projects, additions, bathroom, kitchen and exterior work come with a guarantee of professional workmanship quality. Our aim is to make sure our customers enjoy the extra living space and functionality of their new basement as soon as possible, and to make a lasting use of it for years to come. 

Copper Beech Remodeling offers professional remodeling and finishing work at affordable prices. Our vast experience and professional experts offer unmatched quality Remodeling services in Westport, DarienGreenwich, Weston, Stamford, New Canaan, Fairfield, Norwalk and all throughout Connecticut.

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